20th Anniversary Gala

Sister portraits by Brian Smale P'18.

On May 18, 2018, 300 L-Dub fans came together at Block 41 in downtown Seattle to celebrate 20 Years of L-Dub! It was so wonderful to spend an evening with people who believe in the power of our small but mighty school, and in our graduates, students, and faculty and staff.

The event was a success! The Fund a Need raised an unprecedented $175,000! $50,000 of this would not have been possible without a generous $25,000 match at the $500 level! Thank you to everyone who rose their paddles high for the Cary Wyatt McCrae Financial Aid Fund. All proceeds from Fund a Need – indeed the entire gala – support tuition assistance for our families.

The LWGMS Timeline created by Molly Klema and Chelsea McCollum.

We raised $11,000 in the dessert dash; community events raised $6,300; and the raffle brought in a whopping $13,000! An additional $14,000 was raised through the amazing photos taken of our students by the fabulous Brian Smale P'18, the wine toss, bar donations, and the 20th anniversary commemorative Glassbabys! Thank you for spending an evening with us your generosity inspires so much of what we are able to do at L-Dub!

Our program featured alumnae...

  • Actor Rachel Kaftan ‘13, Franklin High School graduate, finalist in the 2016 National August Wilson Monologue Competition, and theatre student at Loyola Marymount University;
  • Washington State Running Start at Seattle Central and Seattle poet Azura Tyabji ‘14, one of 10 young poets competing at the Youth Speaks Seattle 2018 Grand Slam;
  • Jamie Keene '08, policy analyst in the Mayor’s Office in Washington, D.C., former Political Appointee, White House Council of Economic Advisers of the Obama Administration, and Smith College graduate;
  • and Savannah Blackwell '17, Franklin High School freshman and lead of the the FHS Drama Program’s Spring Musical The Wiz.
Azura Tyabji ‘14, performing her poem  for female revolution, for girls

Azura Tyabji ‘14, performing her poem for female revolution, for girls

Jamie Keene '08

Jamie Keene '08

It is almost impossible for me adequately convey what LWGMS has done for my life. In a world that tells girls that they are not good enough and not strong enough to lead, LWGMS intervened at a critical moment in my life to correct the narrative. This school, its teachers, and its community of supporters, were able to help me create that steady inner voice that to this day calls me to believe in myself. Simply put, LWGMS made me aware of my power.
— Jamie Keene '08
Savannah Blackwell '17, singing Home from  The Wiz .

Savannah Blackwell '17, singing Home from The Wiz.

As a kid I was afraid to do things I didn’t already know I was good at. It would have been good for me to be forced – not just to have the opportunity presented – but for me to have been required - to do things that were hard and challenging and new. Things like: getting on stage, or doing martial arts, or asking a scientist a set of questions about her work.

As a kid from a family who didn’t have any money for independent school, it would have been helpful to me to have financial aid–and for there to be other kids around who received financial aid too.
Patti Hearn, Head of School

Patti Hearn, Head of School

As a kid who felt different from everyone else for a whole host of reasons, it would have been good for me to be in a community that was welcoming and inclusive. To have caring adults giving encouragement. To have freedom to make mistakes, to look silly sometimes, to get my hands dirty. Joy. Sisterhood. Lunchtime dance parties.

And while I think I turned out mostly okay, imagine what could have been. If I had gone to L-Dub, I could have been more like Azura. More like Rachel. More like Jamie and Savannah, and more like the alum in the room tonight and the over 300 graduates who are out in the world, making it better.
— Patti Hearn, Head of School

You can see all the photos of the gala by Lucien Knuteson here.