Fall Field Trips

Last week was Fall Field Trip Week, a week when students and their teachers leave the classrooms and head to locations of bonding and new experiences!

Sixth Grade – New Relationships

The sixth grade class went on a two-night field trip to Camp Kalsman in Arlington last week. Offering this trip at the beginning of the girls’ middle school journey is intended to help facilitate the transition to independence that middle school represents. The key objectives of this trip are to build community among the girls and to transmit LWGMS’s core values outside the traditional school setting. The challenges inherent in being away from home provide invaluable opportunities for girls to connect with and learn from each other and staff in meaningful ways.

From the starting point of our peaceful, silent walk, to singing “This is What You Came For” at the top of our lungs, and ending with our quiet, thoughtful compliment circle, the 6th grade trip was exciting, silly, and fun-filled. The days went by super-fast; we were so wrapped up in all the adventures and new opportunities that were being offered to us. As soon as we got to Camp Kalsman, the whole grade connected. Everyone had someone to chat with, laughing and telling jokes together. All the teachers were goofing off with the girls, and they were all so fun to be around. Throughout those three days, we all got to know each other better. I’m so appreciative that we got to experience these memorable moments together as a group, in a supportive, cheerful environment. 

– Demri ‘22

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Seventh Grade – Continued Connection

The seventh grade field trip had a new design this year, but the primary goal of the field trip is always to continue to build and strengthen the seventh grade community. We had a blast spending our fall field trip outside, despite the little bit of PNW rain we powered through. We camped at Lake Sammamish State Park and explored the nature and outdoors right in our backyard! In partnership with state park rangers, we learned about the history and original caretakers of the land, and spent an afternoon completing environmental stewardship projects near the lake. Through silent nature walks, art projects and poetry, group activities, and of course, tent talks and s'mores, seventh grade enjoyed spending time together as a class surrounded by trees and fresh air, cultivating skills, confidence, and connection with the outdoors!

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Eighth Grade – Stepping Out of the Comfort Zone

Eighth grade traveled to Camp Orkila for their Fall Field Trip. Students worked together to hoist each other up on the Giant Swing and support each other as they flew through the trees. Every student ventured outside of their comfort zone to speed across the 1,000 ft zip line. We also explored Orkila's intertidal zone to learn more about the marine ecosystem and garden to learn more about ways we can reduce our own carbon footprints. Highlights from the evenings included joining together to do the cha-cha slide at the dance party and entertaining each other during an improv-themed campfire.

See all the photos from the 8th Grade Fall Trip on Smugmug! (Password needed.)