The Odyssey

Homer’s Odyssey is the classic story of the hero cycle. Odysseus faces the archetypal quest to get home as his journey requires him to meet challenges and overcome obstacles. From the one-eyed Polyphemus to the sorceress Circe, through Scylla and Charybdis and the temptations on Calypso’s island, Odysseus uses his quick wit to finally return to Ithaca. Like all heroes, and like any of us navigating a complex world, Odysseus cannot do it alone; it is with the help of friends and family that we make our way through life’s hero cycle. Although the epic poem is almost 3,000 years old, Homer’s story is still relevant today as we all face monsters, obstacles, and tough choices with a hero’s grace, wit, and reliance on our friends. This play had the help of many to make it shine like Hermes winged feet! The sixth graders had the tough job of multiple parts, lots of dance moves, and so many costume changes! They brought ideas (like fake mustaches) and energy to every scene. The seventh grade made the play come to life when they created unique characters and brought a sense of fun to every rehearsal. The eighth grade crew did it all: painted, sewed, glued, built, filmed, played, strummed, and choreographed. 

If this play is a hero, it had the help of some really magical advisors to lead it along its journey. We could not have done this show without the magical skills of our Artistic Director, Ms. B who spends her time organizing a thousand pairs of shoes while creating a headpiece for every god on Mount Olympus. Ms. Meredith lead the choreography, and Lindsay Somberg came from the University of Washington every Tuesday and Thursday to run lines and block scenes. Theater week comes together because Ms. Colleen and Ms. Eva coordinate the many moving parts, while Ms. Mutchler and Sra. Jacquie make sure the actors are where they should be and are saying what they’re supposed to say (with volume and enunciation). Thanks to all the faculty and staff who ran to Stumptown for coffee, drove buses and cars to and from the theater, and came to see the show (often more than once!). And lastly, thanks to parents, families, and friends who are the real heroes in a middle schooler’s life.

Here’s to finding our way home, no matter what obstacles get in our way! 

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