Social Justice Film Festival 2019

The Sixth Annual Lake Washington Girls Middle School Film Festival brings you fourteen social justice films made by the Class of 2019. As filmmakers and storytellers, the eighth graders worked together to make films that inspire us to act, to think, and to discuss ideas that raise issues about our criminal justice system, hate speech, treatment of women, racism, immigration, and gun violence. With their classmates, the eighth graders select a topic, generate a thesis, create a storyboard, integrate interviews, videos, and still photos, and edit a five-minute film that showcase their skills in using technology and creativity. Using film as a means of social change, students have worked hard to create passionate and creative films that inspire us all to see things differently, to challenge old ideas, and to take action.

Thank you to all the teachers who offered help to the eighth grade, whether it was technical or creative. Thanks to Ms. Ali for her connections to the Majestic Bay and the opportunity to have the filmmakers see their work in a real movie theater. Thanks to Mr. E for solving technical problems, Ms. Blaisdell for making the festival run smoothly, and filmmaker Eli Kimaro for bringing four other filmmakers to L-Dub to offer invaluable feedback for the student filmmakers.

–Ms. Jenny


Can You See White Privilege? by Gretchen, Seneca, and Kate. The best overall film tells the most compelling story with all the elements of an effective 4-minute movie.


Let’s Make a Deal by Clara and Grey The best call to action is for the film that inspires you to act.


Arming America With the Truth by Ava, Simon, and Imogen The best thesis award is for the film that has the strongest argument, with a clear claim and supporting evidence.


“So, like...What Are You?” by Maia and Nina The most original idea goes to the film with the most creative way to make its point.