Jamie (James) and the Giant Peach

Roald Dahl’s story of a giant peach floating to New York is, at its core, a tale of finding your family and your group, even if they are a bunch of larger-than-life insects. The cast and crew of this production took this story of figuring out how to fit in and put their own spin on it, beginning with a brave girl named Jamie and a group of social-justice-loving bugs on a mission to save the world. Just like in life, Jamie and her family of bugs encounter a wild cast of characters, and thanks to the energy and enthusiasm of every sixth grader, the Hollywood Agents, the Botanical Garden Club, some seagulls, and a few sharks come to life. We even added some Oompa-Loompas to the mix. The seventh grade cast members handled multiple parts, foreign languages, and songs added at the last minute. Many of the seventh graders re-wrote the lyrics to songs and added hilarious scenes to the script; their creativity was key to this show. Finally, the eighth grade crew took charge of running songs, choreographing dances, coaching actors, painting sets, making films, and creating costumes out of whatever they found in the drama closet. With initiative and gusto, the eighth graders solved problems, managed a huge cast, and made it all come together. This is truly a show created and produced by the students.

But, the students did not do it without some help from L-Dub teachers, parents, and volunteers. This year, we are so lucky to have Ms. Andi as our Musical Director, and she brings encouragement for the singers and a flair for the dramatic to our shows. Our Artistic Director, Ms. B, continues to outdo herself with managing the crew and bringing her own creative talents to the production. As always, the organization and oversight of Ms. Colleen and Ms. Meredith make sure the students get to where they are going, while Ms. Eva works on the frontline to turn their plan into a reality (and bakes a really fine chocolate cookie) while working on slam poems and dance moves. Ms. Hearn and Ms. Lindsey help make sure the girls can be seen and heard as they remind everyone to project and “cheat out.” Thank you to Ms. Chelsea for making the peach and Mr. E for getting it to the theatre in two pieces! Thanks to all the faculty and staff who drove buses and cars to and from the theater, and came to see the show (often more than once!) And lastly, thanks to parents, families, and friends who do their fair share of driving, making cookies, and listening to actors run their lines and sing their songs. 

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