One of the greatest strengths of the LWGMS program is that it cultivates creative confidence. L-Dub girls learn that mistakes are learning tools and risks are avenues to new learning. Creativity, resourcefulness, and taking initiative are cultivated through offering girls many opportunities to embrace challenges, manifest leadership, and work as part of a team. Additionally, L-Dub girls learn that they have the potential to do whatever they are passionate about, despite societal messages they may receive to the contrary.

LWGMS students transform into young women who challenge the status quo.



This is not a place where girls are sheltered from the “real world.” Here, girls face fears on backcountry excursions, advocate for themselves with adults, speak and perform in front of hundreds of people, build things with power tools, solve problems with computer code, dissect hearts in a medical lab, break boards with their feet, analyze controversial current events and periods in history, and defend their scientific research to expert guests. They also learn to positively resolve conflicts, to stand up for themselves and others, to value and practice kindness, and to manage the competing demands of academics, extra-curricular activities, family, and friendships.

LWGMS girls gain the skills, knowledge, confidence, compassion, and strength of character to change the world.



At LWGMS, every aspect of the program is built to empower girls to try new things, identify their passions, expand their intellectual curiosity, and cultivate their own leadership styles. There are many changes that happen during the middle school years, a crucial period in girls’ development of identity.

L-Dub girls graduate knowing that they are strong in mind, body, and voice.