A Girls School because...

At a time when personal and social issues can present difficult challenges, adolescent girls thrive in an environment that is caring and respectful, an atmosphere in which they are nurtured yet empowered. Lake Washington Girls Middle School provides just that — our graduates leave school academically strong, self-assured, and articulate.
A key study of single gender education shows that the “girls school environment affirms and encourages young women in their capacities as confident individuals, leaders, and agents of social change.”* Research shows that girls-only education is ”not merely a matter of separating girls and boys. It's about making sure girls take center stage, while drawing upon all that we know about the way they grow and learn. It's not just the classroom. It's the combination of the community, the culture, and the climate girls schools offer that makes all-girl education such a powerful and transformative experience."**

The experience of a girls-only education means that at LWGMS, girls always take center stage. Here, every leader is a girl. A girl answers every question in every class. Girls speak up and stand up for themselves and others. At Lake Washington Girls Middle School, girls learn to change the world.

More Information...

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**"The Benefits of Attending a Girls' School: What the Research Shows," The National Coalition of Girls' Schools, 2008.